Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Week 43-January 31st

Time to perfect the VANILLA CUPCAKE. Mission started, mission accomplished.
Yahoo, vanilla is done and we are moving on. Use white sugar, don't substitute, use white flour, don't substitute. Don't mind the picture of my horrible icing job. I was at my parents, and really this week was all about taste, not looks. I just took a picture so you knew I am not just making this up week to week:::)))  Hmmm next week??????

Week 42- Bunny's Birthday

Why not celebrate our beloved bunny. Bunny has been with us through thick and thin, he's been tossed, bounced, washed, thrown in the mud, hidden in blankets, covered in paint/barf/water/snow/mud etc, and he is perfect! When I say I am making cupcakes today, Telsche says 'yeah a birthday party'. So we had a planned party for Bunny. Invited a few special guests of course, Grandma and Papa. Picked a perfect cupcake to make. Cookie monster of course, for bunny. Well, it's a party then.
I was working on the vanilla cupcake that I have been avoiding. The decoration was for fun, but turned out really great. I used a ziplock bag for the decorating, first with tip and then no tip. No tip, was much easier.
Vanilla cupcakes, not so great. Dry and dense. Of course I used brown sugar instead of white because that's all I had. Not a great idea. Pictures!!!!!!!!!

Ps, bunny turned two today:)

Week 41-Square to cirlce

January 14th, 2012. Our annual visit with my husbands family in Oshawa. I made mars bar squares. Super yummy. Would be easy to put into a circular cupcake form, but I didn't. GASP! Yep, i knew i could and I didn't. I left them in the square pan, and then cut them into square shapes. Seemed so wrong, after so many circle cupcake.
ha, oh well, next week.

Week 40

Plain and simple- Jan 10th, bed assembly, early morning. Chocolate chip muffins.