Thursday, 17 November 2011

Week 32-Cravings take over the Cupcake challenge

November 17th 
Sorry, but sometimes this happens. Cravings. I have been wanting a rice crispy square FOREVER! So two weeks ago, when I thought I needed to squeeze in the cupcakes, I made these. Well I made them again today they are that good.
Mudpie bars, is the official name. Now they are Mudpie cupcakes:)
I originally received this recipe from a friend of my brother's while he was living on Vancouver Island. I went to visit for a week. Every day we would go and eat at this amazing vegan restaurant. (We were also both hard core veggies at the time, sigh, how times have changed) They sold these 'Mudpie Bars'. I loved them. His friend worked there and was able to get me the recipe. SCORE!
Really they are so simple and I'm going to share the full recipe with you. They are the perfect combination of PB and chocolate, rolled into a rice crispy form. Heaven. Of course I formed them into cupcake pans, and voila. Cupcakes this week.
See below picture for full recipe details.
In a heavy sauce pan, bring 1 cup of brown rice syrup and 1tsp of vanilla to an almost boil. (do not boil and stir often)
Immediately add 1/2 cup PB (we used the all natural)
Stir off the heat until melted.
Pour over 4 cups of brown or regular rice crispies. Mix until well combined.
Press into well greased pan/muffin pan. Leaving a quarter/or less of the mixture.
Melt in microwave or double boiler, 1 cup of PB and 2 cups of chocolate chips/carob chips.
Pour over pressed crispy in pan.
Sprinkle remaining rice mixture over chocolate mixture.
Refrigerate until hard and enjoy the heaven!! We did.

Week 31-Tried to go healthy and failed

November 9th, 2011
So I actually goofed up. I made a huge craving of mine at the end of last week. Thinking that I need to make sure I fit the week's cupcakes in. BUTTTT I had already made them on Sat. Mess me right up being so early and on top of things.
Anyways, this week I wanted to make something for the kids. I found a healthy banana/orange/raisin cupcake recipe. I thought this would be perfect for the kids. My youngest loved it. My oldest thought the raisins did not belong. Funny that she'll eat raisins on their own though.
Besides that they were dry as dry can be. As my Dad would say 'they are dry as a fart'. Really, what does that mean Dad?
I won't make that recipe again. Wasn't worth taking a picture or talking about the fact that I soaked the raisins for an hour in OJ.