Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's like my writers fog has lifted:)

Since I was a little girl all I could imagine was writing a book. Of course when I was 10, this looked like an adventure novel staring yours truly. My parents gave me a type writer. It was all new and fancy at the time. Had a digital read out, so you could check your spelling before typing. I would crawl into our crawl space (lol), and type away on my type writer. Writing the latest adventures near and far. (I suppose all the adventure dreaming started my ideas of working for National Geographic as a photographer....but that is another story)

Anyways, back to today! Every story I pick up lately, movie I watch or inspiration I see, points to writing. I downloaded two different audio books, not knowing, and both of them directly spoke to me about writing. Then i picked a random romance movie, all about a writer and finding inspiration. I can't necessarily say I have found profound inspiration that will spill out over this blog, or into the greatest publishers lap, but I have cleared the fog a bit. I am ready to embark on a writing journey. Bigger than my writing courses, more than this blog. be continued, my baby calls, Super mom never sleeps!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

As it goes I suck at a challenge......sometimes

I just re read my last 3 posts. I made it to day 3 of documenting a 15 day challenge.  As it goes, this is me and my life. I come up with the most amazing ideas in the shower. Most likely because this is the only time of day where I don't have anyone talking to me (usually under the age of 8). I once wrote an amazing poem (if I do say so) in the blink of an the shower. I have a billion blog ideas to share with you, and so many books to publish. If only I could write and post while in the shower (note to self, invent this device).
I can't even count the amount of times I have been dripping wet, fumbling through a drawer looking for pen and paper, to get my idea out on paper before I forget.
I recently wrote my first children's the shower!! I know laugh all you want but it's true. Although the main idea for this book came in the shower, I was able to get all the words out for it, between shower and driving the kids to school. (also side note, the car is another great thinking spot) After scribbling my children's book out on left over garbage in the car, I came home and actually typed it out. Very rewarding, but like most of my ideas they are stuck on my computer, or in a drawer!!
Anyways, back to my lack of challenge follow through. Ha, I don't have anything to say on it EXCEPT the last challenge was a bogus time to try. 4 kids under 5, one being a small infant, do not give you ample time to blog.
Here is my challenge to you.......give me something to write about. I noticed I only have 6 followers (bless all your hearts). I will in turn do my best to blog/write about the topic listed. Oh and help me spread my blog a little bit;)
PS If you need some topic suggestions here are a few of my skilled trades:
baby functions of all sorts, poop, pee etc
sleep or lack there of
stay at home mom stuff (no that doesn't mean couch potato, eat your face off.....although it does some days!)
driving to school
multi tasking
lack of sleep....did i say that?

Thank you peeps!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

April 17th 2014 Day 3

To the untrained eye you may read my last post and think, huh she's hanging in there. Nothing out of the ordinary with this girl. X wrong. For starters I posted it as January instead of April (apparently I missed a few months).
Ever have one of those days when you just want to sit and have a coffee before starting the day? Today is one of those days. Except, it started like this:
~woke up with baby before the rest of the kids got out of bed, thought 'i should get up and have a coffee now' but didn't
~rush rush, breakfast etc. tried to make a milk (if you know me, you know it has to be a latte, americano or mocha coffee)
~yell up to hubby, you can't leave for work until I go and get milk, rush rush rush
~hubby flies to basement to iron, i fly out door for milk
~high five hubby at door, rush in to make coffee and get bombed by 2 young lings for snacks......whip out some goldfish and then rush over to feed and rock fussy baby
~put fussy baby in bed and tip toe downstairs back to the coffee machine......they need more snacks and water, I get them because I can't have them screaming and waking fussy baby, further prolonging my coffee.
~Make coffee, scraping the bottom of the caffeinated bin. Leave mess all over counter so I can drink coffee
~sit down, open the computer while I am thinking of this, arm sticks to table from breakfast mess........big sigh!

the rest of the day was much of the same. Rush to drop off, rush to play, rush to pick up, rush to make dinner, don't have all the ingredients for dinner, rush back to grocery store, rush home, make dinner, rush threw 4 baths, kids to bed, rock baby for a billion hours, and then sleep:)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jan 16th 2014, Day 2

Wednesday mornings in our house start with a small dose of chaos and end with a large dose of hmmmmm chaos! We have everyone to feed and get ready, plus get our oldest to school and our 2nd to another school a 10min drive away. We have not been on time for school drop off once this winter! The secretary last week said she should just give me a necklace with 'admit one' passes for our daughter. I said I should just wear a sign that says, I'm busy and overwhelmed please leave me alone:) Maybe the theme to this challenge should be 'let it go' (as in the movie 'frozen') I have been saying for almost 4yrs that I need to start letting things go. Settled then, today I will let being on time/late go. This is an EXTREMELY hard thing for me. I thrived on being on time and staying on schedule. My husband will laugh if he reads this, because I have a giant melt down everyday we are leaving the house late. Just like a kid, I have a full on tantrum about it. I hate being late.
Anyways drop off happened eventually. I even cleaned 2 bathrooms this morning! Bonus.
Tyson was home today, so we had two adults to 4 kids. We had to attend our daughters preschool toy cleaning tonight at 7:30pm. This is only the 2nd time I have left the house past 6pm since our son was born 11weeks ago. It meant that he fussed the whole time I was out and he didn't get to sleep until 9pm tonight. We'll see how the night goes tonight.
Time to sign off, this momma is TIRED!
ps, tomorrow i will fill you in on my intense 'Frozen' dress hunt for the big 4th birthday.

My Super Mom 15 day challenge!

Jan 15th 2014

My parents left today on a 15day trip to meet my beautiful new niece. I am so excited for them, and wish I could be there too, BUT that adventure was not in the cards for this stay at home mom. I am a mom to 4 beautiful kids. Our newest man in the family is almost 3 months old. You can understand why I fell off the blog posting wagon for a bit. This last pregnancy was so joyous and magical (and by that I mean horrible and painful) I didn't have time for anything else. So my 15 day challenge is surviving on my own without the help from my awesome parents. My mom comes to my house 4 days a week to help me with the regular craziness in this house. I feel I couldn't live without her. She is so helpful and keeps me sane when I think I can't handle anymore. So I will commit to documenting these next 15days, love, trials and silliness.


Tyson leaves the house at 7:30am. I drag myself out of bed at 7:05am with our son. (Please note: I was up with him at 10pm,12:30, 2am, 4am, and 6am) I scramble to get breakfast out like a short order cook then the doorbell rings. My mom arrives at 8:30am. So happy should could come on the day she is leaving. She stays for just over an hour and accomplishes more than I will accomplish the entire day. (dishes, laundry, happy children) She leaves and I cry. Just emotionally a wreck these days, but I suck it up and decide on my challenge. Was home with all four kids until 4:30pm. I was fine and creative until about 3pm, then I started to get a little coo coo. The kids and I played in the basement, and made a time machine behind the couch. We also watched 'Frozen' a few times. Please for the love of god 'let it gooooooo'
Was able to get the wee babe to sleep by 7:30pm, huge success for him.
Ready for day 2

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stages and Phases

Somehow the days if not the weeks seem to slip through my hands like butter. Today I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. The girls are now 8months, 4yr and 2.5yrs. (NOTE: to all prospective parents. This age difference is a potentially lethal dose to your sleep, health and well being. Use extreme caution before entering this journey.)

I was completely absorbed by my two and half year old today. Our conversation went like this:
mom: Skyla no more running in circles your going to hurt yourself
Skyla: What? your crazy! (done with a very posh valley girl type accent)
mom: Skyla that's not very nice to say.
Skyla: (with more enthusiasm) What? Your Crazy!
mom: ok, girls I need you guys to be very quiet, Hannah has just gone to sleep (after 30min of fuss)
pick something that is very quiet.
4yr old: ok mom we'll play house
mom: great

The kids then proceed to run around, climbing in and out of things, laughing, tackling, and making a huge mess.

I guess the moral of the story is. It doesn't matter what I say, I'm just the mom. Some days you win some and some days you lose some. Choose your battles wisely. Dealing with the end of a head cold, I let quite a few things slide today. I did win the dinner battle, and everyone ate meat and veg.
This stage in my life I might be 'crazy', but ......... but nothing I am:)
I do go to bed every night thankful for my crazy life!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook

Facebook, wow what a jump forward in the social train. When I was in high school if you liked a boy you had to maybe, just maybe get a note passed to you from the boys friend, who passed it to your friends friend who then hopefully passes it to you before reading it, laughing and shoving it your way.

 Please check one of the following: will you go out with me yes, no or maybe. Do these words sound familiar? Notes and letter writing are a curbside notion compared to FACEBOOK options now. If you even look at a boy in high school I bet your friends friend has it posted all over facebook before you can even say 'is that an IPHONE 5?'.
Maybe I am now considered a dinosaur in the high school world, but really I would of been eaten alive if facebook existed when I went to high school. My face would of been beet red at the mention of me liking someone, I can't imagine what fine looking pictures my friends of friends would have fired off of me onto a front page post on facebook.
High school is a world full of 'firsts' already, adding facebook and twitter and instant messaging is making those 'firsts' more awkward then they need to be. It's like speed rocketing through puberty in a library. You are constantly 'trying' to be awkwardly cool in a whirlwind of  up and downs.
Well, enjoy the bumpy ride suckers, oops I mean kids because i just can't imagine what will be available when my kids go to high school.
So, my original point, to facebook or not to facebook. For me, absolutely facebook. I can catch up with old friends, see pictures of their kids, post updates on our family and enjoy a leisurely post from a friends friend. For high school kids, I don't think you have a choice. If you don't you will be left behind in the dust, just try to slow the speed an IPHONE or two.